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RSVP open for July 17 meet-up

RSVP open for July 17 meet-up

Craig Sharkie
2013-07-14 @ 10:20
One guy changed the way we look at the HTML5 spec. One is changing the way
we learn about JavaScript. One has been part of more changes on the Web
than he cares to mention. All of them are Australian developers changing
the way the world works with the Web. And they're set to show you you can
change it too!

On the night you can look forward to:
*John Allsopp*: Building an HTML5 security camera LIVE in under 15 minutes
*Don Nguyen*: Server Side JavaScript - building a game right before your
*Ben Schwarz*: Built an application, and will show you what he learnt.

And, of course ... more! (Well maybe just a little more this month)


Join us at 6:00PM on July 17 to be part of the action! Atlassian are
hosting at their head office at Level 6, 341 George Street. Now that's
legendary support! Enter via the side door in Wynyard Street :)

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to
Follow us @SydJS for more details or visit our site for more details


*SydJS Mobile is on the move*
Mark your diary for Monday 22 July when we kick off the inaugural SydJS
Mobile meet-up. BlackBerry are sponsoring and they're out to impress - the
night will kick off a coding challenge that you'll DEMAND to be a part of.
More details on Wednesday!