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[JOB] IRESS seeks javascripter

[JOB] IRESS seeks javascripter

james salter
2013-09-18 @ 06:28
 Hi SydJS,

IRESS (ASX:IRE) is looking for a talented front-end javascripter to join
our mobile dev team.

We are looking for exceptional candidates that have front-end flair and
strong technical capabilities.

The work is primarily on new feature development; the app is in production
so there is some ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance component.

You will be working on the tablet app for our wealth management platform,
XPLAN. XPLAN provides financial planners and risk managers with a range of
integrated tools for client management, business management and financial

The gig:

* HTML5 single-page web app running on backbone.js. We have light cordova
containers for iOS, Android.
* Python and C++ backend.
* Jenkins CI.
* Substantial technical problems to solve and some unique in-house
technology to play with.
* Relaxed office in the Sydney CBD. Coffee machine, soft drinks and jeans.

Required technical skills:

* Tertiary qualifications in software engineering or computer science.
* Professional web development experience.
* Exceptional skills using thick client Javascript libraries like
backbone.js, angular.js, Sproutcore, Dojo, or similar.
* Experience with web application development on mobile and desktop.
* Strong understanding of web standards and architecture.
* Good understanding of relational databases and SQL.
* Adaptability to employ a wide range of technologies. We like polyglots.
* Knowledge of multi-tiered object oriented application development.
* Good knowledge of software design patterns and when to use them.

Required soft skills:

* You should be a team player and goal-oriented individual with outstanding
technical skills.
* Ability to set realistic timeframes and deliver on time with a can-do
* The desire to take personal ownership of work and be able to work
* Well developed verbal and written communication abilities. You will need
to liaise with relevant departments in the company, collaborate with
colleagues to determine the best approach and follow through until the
issue is resolved.
* Ability to adjust and review work and projects in response to changing
* Ability to recognise and meet continually shifting priorities.
* Experience in the cycle of software development and agile methodologies.

Any of the following would also be regarded highly:

* Commerce/Finance background.
* Experience with js graphics libraries and technologies such as canvas,
d3, rafael, webGL.
* Experience with large codebases and complex systems.
* Experience with Python or C++.
* Commits and/or reviewer status on any open source projects.
* PhD and Masters qualifications in science or engineering.

If you are interested in the role, please send your resume and a paragraph
explaining why we should hire you to jsalter at iress dot com dot au