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[JOB] UX developer - component driven development, adaptive design, Angular, SASS, LESS

[JOB] UX developer - component driven development, adaptive design, Angular, SASS, LESS

Diane Cotterill
2014-02-25 @ 23:24
At Tabcorp we're currently building an exciting new experience for our
customers across web, tablet and mobile devices. We're looking for people
who are excited to use the latest technologies, love to learn new things
and want to work with like-minded people who are passionate about what they
do and build something that users will love to use.

We are creating components first, as a part of the style guide, and
component driven development is at the core of what we do. Working here
you'll have the opportunity to use a continuous design approach within a
highly collaborative, agile team to iteratively design, build and validate
solutions with customers. You will create living style guides and use
adaptive design to ensure that we're able to respond rapidly to customer

Why it's good:

   - You'll get to work with technologies like AngularJS, CSS3, SASS, LESS,
   HTML5. Even node.js and ruby if that interests you.
   - We strive to work with the latest technologies and give our customers
   a great experience, at the cutting edge of technology.
   - We'll listen to your ideas about new innovative technologies and
   techniques you'd like to use. And if it will impact what we want to
   achieve, you'll get the chance to implement them.
   - Everyone's passionate about what we do here. But it's not stressful.
   You don't have a hundred stakeholders to keep happy and the people who are
   involved in the roadmap sit within the digital team.

 The ideal person will :

   - Love what they do. They will likely ponder problems in their own time
   and solve problems in their sleep (or when they can't sleep)
   - Want to work with the latest JavaScript frameworks - we're working
   with Angular here, but we don't mind if you've previously worked with Ember
   or have a passion for Backbone.js (I know, I know, backbone isn't a
   - Love working with HTML5 and CSS3 and meta-languages like SASS, LESS
   and HAML.
   - Probably have dabbled with node.js, ruby or similar, but if you just
   love the front-end, that's cool too.
   - Have experience working on commercial websites, ideally high volume
   transactional websites and understand the complexities of working with
   websites that have high traffic and peak load times and the challenges that
   provides for front-end performance.
   - Have solid understanding of common web and application architectures
   and development methodologies including Agile.
   - Have personally explored continuous delivery practices such as CI,
   automated testing and continuous deployment and ideally worked with them
   - Be passionate about best practices in software development and a have
   solid understanding of software design patterns.

Sound good? Give me a call on 0415 524401 or email me at or

Thanks everyone,

Diane Cotterill
*2 degrees recruitment*

phone: 0415 524401
skype: diane.cotterill
twitter: dmcotter