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[JOB] Senior Web Developer at webqem

[JOB] Senior Web Developer at webqem

Marcin Szczepanski
2014-04-28 @ 22:23
Seems like every post on the SydJS list lately is a jobs, but this is a
good one too!

There's a Senior Web Developer position available at webqem - essentially a
front-end focussed role. I'm moving on after 7 years at webqem, so this is
basically my job.

webqem is a great place to work, with really good people and culture. We
were number 40 on the BRW Best Places to Work list in 2013.

As a senior member of the development team you'd be key in setting
direction and best practices for the front-end development at webqem.  The
projects are many and varied, but there's a fair bit of Phonegap based
mobile stuff happening at the moment - so experience with that is pretty
key - as well as really strong JS skills in general.

Anyway, check out the full listing and contact me if you have any questions.

- Marcin