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SydJS date update!

SydJS date update!

Craig Sharkie
2014-06-17 @ 00:15
I was going to suggest that I was just after another reason to email you
all and let you know again about the weekend's NodeSchool. But no :)

I borked the date. Obviously it should be the third Wednesday of the month,
which would be tomorrow. So ...

"Join us at 6:00PM on June 18 to be part of the action!"

*2014 June Meet*

CampJS, JSConf, and Manning Press - if you had to get a better spread of
the best coders you'll find in Sydney, you'd be hard pressed to go further
than CampJS, JSConf, and Manning Press. And even better, you don't need to
find them; you just need to show up.

We're taking out the stops for our 50th meeting and bringing back some
speakers that we we know will bring you experiences to charge up your
month, not just your night.



On the night you can look forward to, alphabetically:

*Jed Watson*: Web Components - Hardening the future

*Patrick Lee*: Pragmatism - Refining just the things we need to

*Gilmore Davidson*: The Time (Zone) of your Life

And, of course ... more! (Well maybe just a little more this month)


Join us at 6:00PM on June 18 to be part of the action!

Atlassian are hosting at their head office at Level 6, 341 George Street.
Now that's legendary support! Enter via the side door in Wynyard Street :)

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to
Follow us @SydJS <> for more details or visit our
site for more details


NodeSchool is coming to Sydney

Don't miss your chance to be part of Sydney's first NodeSchool, this
Saturday June 21

Whether you're a seasoned Node Warrior or just starting out, there'll be
something for you. Tickets available at their site:

Btw, JSConf.Asia

Thomas Gorissen
2014-06-17 @ 05:06
Hey guys,

I had a great time this year at JSConf in Melbourne and I wanted to shoot 
a message that we up here in Singapore are still accepting speaker 
applications for our event in November

(Feel free to also apply with more CSS/SVG related things ;))

Hope to see some of you up here in November!