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SydJS 2014 July Meet

SydJS 2014 July Meet

Craig Sharkie
2014-07-14 @ 13:12
2014 July Meet
Following on the heals of the 2014 financial year is the 2015 financial
year. woo.
Following on the heals of last month's stellar overview of Web Components
is a look at a new Web Components library. WOO! WOO!!1! One of Atlassian's
own will give us a fresh way to view he future of the Web we work on.

And if getting a more complete picture of Components isn't enough, the Team
at Thinkmill are going to bring us their complete guide to happiness. Web
Components. A Guide to Happiness.

Now that's worth a WOO or two!


On the night you can look forward to:
Trey Shugart: Skatejs - Custom Elements today
Tom Walker, Boris Bozic: Creating Happiness - The Complete Guide

And, of course ... more! (Well maybe just a little more this month)

Join us at 6:00PM on July 16 to be part of the action!
Atlassian are hosting at their head office at Level 6, 341 George Street.
Now that's legendary support! Enter via the side door in Wynyard Street :)

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to
listen. Follow us @SydJS for more details or visit our site for more

It's going to be a great Web Directions this year - an awesome new venue in
the cool end of town, where the Engineering and the Product people will get
together and make the magic happen. Tickets available at the site: