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We ain't foolin'

We ain't foolin'

Craig Sharkie
2015-04-12 @ 15:14
We ain't foolin'

We're well past the first of the month, so our meeting will be refreshingly
Panda-free, but we're sure to keep you on the edge of your seat just as
much as product releases on April 1st.

And we'll keep you on that edge by once again looking not just at
JavaScript, but at how we can use it. And use it today.

We're well past the question of whether libraries help us reach goals, but
still not at a point documentation alone can show you which libraries are
right for you. For that you need to see them in action.

And libraries in action is what we have this month.

You'll finish the night thinking API stands for All Presentations Inspire!


On the night you can look forward to:
Jeremy Brown: Fiddling with proxy configurations
Anthony May: Hands on with Ionic
David Banham: The Little Schema

And, of course ... more! (Well maybe just a little more this month)

Join us at 6:00PM on April 15 to be part of the action!
Atlassian are hosting at their head office at Level 6, 341 George Street.
Now that's legendary support! Enter via the side door in Wynyard Street :)

Remember it's a free event, but if you're keen to sponsor we're keen to
listen. Follow us @SydJS for more details or visit our site for more


*Bring CampJS to YOU*
Want to play a part in getting the next CampJS held in Sydney? Of course
you do! All you have to do is come along to this CampJS and tell them
you're from Sydney. When we crack 25% of the attendee numbers, we'll win
the hosting rights :D SIMPLE

And best of all, we can get you a discount t make this one even easier to
attend. Just use the code SYDJS at the checkout: