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[sydJS] [JOB] Senior JavaScript Engineer - Covata - Product Company

[sydJS] [JOB] Senior JavaScript Engineer - Covata - Product Company

Diane Cotterill
2015-08-25 @ 03:48
Hi there,

I mentioned at Wednesday's meet up a role for a Senior JavaScript Engineer
and I thought it might be useful to send a summary here too :)

It's a permanent role at Covata. You can read more about them here:

If you take on the role you will be:

   - Taking on ownership for the development of the web product. They want
   to find someone who can give them guidance on how to take forward the
   product and evolve it.
   - You'll get to work with fun things like in-browser cryptography,
   browser storage, asynchronous communication and file streaming.
   - They are currently using Angular but are open to changing to React or
   another framework. You'll be working on a responsive single page
   application and using WebSockets, Web Workers and HTML5.
   - You'll ultimately have the responsibility for the product but will
   also have the chance to work in a team and build things with others.

If you're interested then give me a call on 0415 524401 or of course you
can send me an email to

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Diane Cotterill
*2 degrees recruitment*

phone: 0415 524401
skype: diane.cotterill
twitter: dmcotter