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[ANN] unxf 2.2.1 - dependency bump

[ANN] unxf 2.2.1 - dependency bump

Eric Wong
2013-08-03 @ 02:32
Rack middleware to remove "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR" in the Rack environment and
replace "REMOTE_ADDR" with the value of the original client address.

* git://


rpatricia 1.0 is out, and we can use it without any difficulty.
While we're at it, the licenses attribute for RubyGems is
widely-supported by now, so there's no reason to leave it commented

The license is now "GPLv2 or later" (from GPLv2|GPLv3 only), so
it can be used without my approval when/if the GPLv4 is released.
This removes the checks-and-balances I have on the FSF, but is
probably for the better in case GPLv4 protects users' access to
code better than GPLv3 currently does.

(skip v2.2.0, gemspec was broken before I tagged it)
Eric Wong