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Released Wand 0.3.0

Released Wand 0.3.0

Hong Minhee
2013-06-17 @ 14:16

We are very pleased to announce Wand 0.3.0 is finally released!  It 
contains several new features like sequence, drawing, and seam carving, 
please read what’s new guide for this release:

The above guide doesn’t cover all changes, so see also the full changelog 
if you need to check API-level changes:

It could be found from PyPI (as always):

Install this version using pip:

  $ pip install Wand==0.3.0

Many contributors helped us.  Thanks for Adrian Jung, Andrey Antukh, Bear 
Dong, Changwoo Ryu, Evaldo Junior, Hojeong Cha, Jae-Myoung Yu, klutzy, 
Lionel Koenig, Michael Curry, Michael Elovskikh, Mitch Lindgren, Piotr 
Florczyk, and Taeho Kim.

Hong Minhee