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Released Wand 0.4.0

Released Wand 0.4.0

Hong Minhee
2015-02-20 @ 09:39

We are pleased to announce Wand 0.4.0 is released.  This release contains 
the complete set of drawing API.  Although Wand 0.3, the previous major 
release, introduced some basic features to draw lines or texts, these were
incomplete.  Since Wand 0.4 wand.drawing module became the almost 

The whole work of this complete drawing API was done alone by Eric 
McConville.  Huge thanks for his effort!

Please read what’s new guide for this release:

The above guide does not cover all changes, so see also the full changelog
if you need to check API-level changes:

It could be found from PyPI (as always):

Install this version using pip:

$ pip install Wand==0.4.0

Hong Minhee