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Python/JSON hackers meetup Saturday at 21st Amendment

Python/JSON hackers meetup Saturday at 21st Amendment

2009-12-09 @ 05:13
Howdy everybody, I'm rtyler (I wrote py-yajl [1]), thanks to the "Add-on-Con
[2]" occurring this weekend, a number of folks are going to be in town and I'd
love to organize lunch and some beers at 21st Amendment in downtown San
Francisco [3] around 1 p.m.

Included on this list is: 
  - Lloyd Hilaiel: Yet Another JSON Library (Yajl)
  - Bob Ippolito: simplejson
  - John Millikin: jsonlib
  - Alec Flett: jsonlib2

Some other folks who I know are in the Python community and in San Francisco,
so I figured I'd invite as well :)

I don't really have any specific agenda but I'm personally hoping to pick some
brains with regards to:
  - Parsing streams in a non-blocking Pythonic fashion
  - Python 3 support

Recap: Saturday, 21st Amendment, 1 p.m. 

I really looking forward to meeting some of you in person :)

-R. Tyler Ballance