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LendingTree Customer Service Reply for Case Number: 10785960

LendingTree Customer Service Reply for Case Number: 10785960

2012-11-30 @ 17:05
Please retain this line in all replies: Case Number: 10785960

Thank you for contacting LendingTree. We have received your email and 
expect to respond to you in approximately 24 Hrs.

Your correspondence contained the following attachment(s): 
yajl-spellcheck.patch.  At this time, our email system will not accept 
attachments. If you would still like to forward the information to us, 
please copy the information from your attachment and include it within the

You may also contact us at anytime at 1-888-272-1355. Customer Care 
Consultants are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
(closed on holidays).

You can also visit our Knowledge Center at to find 
answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The Knowledge Center also contains 
valuable calculators and articles to help guide you through the loan 

Thanks again for your inquiry.


The LendingTree Customer Care Team

>  --------------------Original Message--------------------
>  From: "Mark Koopman" []
>  Sent: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 09:04:03 -0800
>  To: []
>  Subject: [yajl] Re: YAJL spell check patch
>  I'm writing a script to help spell-check and clean up docs,
>  so I ran the script on YAJL source to test against C/C++
>  sources.  Attached is a patch file with changes, in case
>  you're interested.
>  Mark