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Re: [SUPPORT #FSE-861-71211]: [yajl] Nudge Sent To Past [#3555959]

Re: [SUPPORT #FSE-861-71211]: [yajl] Nudge Sent To Past [#3555959]

Boohoo Customer Services
2015-10-21 @ 02:41
Hi BlackSun
Thank you for contacting Customer Services. 
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We really appreciate your patience and a member of our team will come back
to you as soon as possible.
Kind Regards,
boohoo Customer Services

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   <b>Ticket ID: </b>FSE-861-71211<br />
   <b>Subject: </b>[yajl] Nudge Sent To Past<br />
   <b>Department: </b>Support<br />
   <b>Status: </b>Open<br />
<br />
You can check the status of or update this ticket online at: <a 

<br />
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