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Re: [yajl] Re: Ihre Anfrage auf [#3555953]

Re: [yajl] Re: Ihre Anfrage auf [#3555953]

Boohoo Customer Services
2015-10-21 @ 02:36
Thank you for contacting Customer Services. 
We have received your email and you can expect to hear back from us within
the next 24 hours.
In the meantime, why not try our Customer Services page? Please click the 
following link -
You may find some useful information to help with your query.
If you have not received a response within 24 hours please have a look in 
your spam or junk folders as our reply may have dropped in there 
We really appreciate your patience and a member of our team will come back
to you as soon as possible.
Kind Regards,
boohoo Customer Services

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> Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
Unknown command - "VIELEN". Try HELP.

> Bitte beachten Sie, dass unsere Internetseite ein privates Projekt ist 
und KEIN offizielles Angebot der Deutschen Bahn bzw. vom Hauptbahnhof 
Unknown command - "BITTE". Try HELP.

> Anfragen zum Hauptbahnhof oder zu den Services der Deutschen Bahn können
wir nicht beantworten. Wenden Sie sich dazu direkt an die zuständigen 
Unknown command - "ANFRAGEN". Try HELP.

> Hier sind ein paar weiterführende Links, die Ihnen vielleicht weiterhelfen:
Unknown command - "HIER". Try HELP.

> Mit dem Einsteigerticket für 79 Euro quer durch Deutschland.
Unknown command - "MIT". Try HELP.

Unknown command - "HTTP:". Try HELP.

> Angebotsberater der DB
You had  50 tries.  From now on  your requests will  be ignored  without any
reply. You can restore your access to LISTSERV by having another person send
the   following   command  to   LISTSERV@LISTS.THERECOVERYGROUP.ORG:   SERVE

Unknown command - "ANGEBOTSBERATER". Try HELP.

All subsequent commands have been flushed.

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