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zfsnap 2.0.0-beta2 released

zfsnap 2.0.0-beta2 released

Alex Waite
2015-03-25 @ 13:02
zfsnap 2.0 beta2 was tagged today. Most notably, cross OS and cross 
shell scripting were implemented; many portability bugs were fixed as a 
result. See the PORTABILITY file for more information.

The changelog is a bit longer than I'd like for a second beta, but 
hopefully things will settle down and a 2.0 release can be made in the 
near-ish future.

change summary:
  - full zsh tab completion support
  - limited tcsh tab completion support
  - new recurseback command which recursively rolls back to a
    given snapshot for child datasets too.
  - cross-os testing via vagrant boxes
  - cross-shell testing
  - additional tests
  - documentation improvements

Hot code freshness can be had on github: