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Fwd: [zfsnap] zfssnap reports trying to delete pools (#67)

Fwd: [zfsnap] zfssnap reports trying to delete pools (#67)

Scott H
2015-09-23 @ 21:29
Sorry I replied directly rather than to the mailing list:
I appreciate the input. Gave it a try but there is not enough room for
another full snapshot on my backup store. In addition it will not let me
send another full snap to the same destination i.e. have been backing up to
backup/x if I try to send another full to that same location, even with a
zfs receive  -F.
The snapshots I am sending are ~1.2 TB the only way practical to do regular
backups with out spending an absolute fortune is incremental I am afraid.

I have enabled dedup at the pool level, renamed x to x_old and but that ran
out of space and became very very slow.I was forced to delete the old
backups and pool, make a new one without dedup and start anew.

I have figured out what caused me to have missed snapshot synchronization,
and fixed my cron jobs. I will try and write a check function eventually to
ensure at least one common snapshot is maintained on each system (the
difficulty is that to preserve power/memory/compute the backup system is
powered off most of the day).

Thanks for your help :)

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